Reasons I Hate the Bus

Recently the transmission of my car exploded…or something. My husband took me to work for a while but then they changed his schedule due to short staffing and now…now I ride the bus. I hate it. Which I realize makes me sound like a prissy spoiled WASP. Which I’m not. Mostly. Here are the reasons I hate riding the bus.

1) I’m a control freak. If the bus is late there is nothing I can do about it. If there are sketchy people on the bus and they want to sit next to me there’s nothing I can do about it.

2) There are sketchy people on the bus. I realize that 95% of the people on the bus are just trying to get to work or the store, dr, etc but it only takes one sketchy bus rider to fuck up your day.

3) Sometimes the sketchy bus people are violent criminals. In the last month there has been a stabbing, a shooting injuring 4 people, and a crazy lady that showed her fellow bus riders with gasoline then tried to set them on fire.  The shooting was actually on the bus I ride on a day I was sick at home.

4) the bus thinks I’m stupid. Seriously there are all sorts of ads on the bus about healthy living. Smoking is bad for you. Salt is bad for you. Fat is bad for you. Sugar is bad for you. Thanks bus.

I would like you all to know I’m blogging from the bus. Right now its just me, the bus driver, and one other lady and we’re about 6 mins behind schedule. And the woman asked to borrow my phone. And I let her. Because I’m nice or stupid. But she gave it back so that’s good. But I’m giving myself motion sickness trying to do this on a moving bus.

A shout out to Alex, who rode the bus long before me and who’s tweets inspired me to document this shittiness and Kelley who loved the bus: I still think you’re insane.


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