Why Being Really Pissed Off Can’t Help

The whole world is in a funk.  The Man is keeping us down and it isn’t our fault the system is broken so the only thing to do is…apparently get really pissed off.   That seems to be the running theme since Occupy Wall Street started.  Get really pissed off.  Minimum wage isn’t high enough? Get pissed off!  Health insurance is too expensive? Get pissed off!  Government listening to your phone calls? Get pissed off!

The Pissed Off People say they are just raising awareness but I’m pretty sure everyone is aware at this point.  Lack of awareness isn’t the problem here.  It’s lack of caring.

The people on top do not care about the people on the bottom and I’m pretty sure that being really pissed off at them isn’t going to make them care.  Think about it. Why would anyone want to help a group of people that are rabidly angry at them?

Imagine you’re walking through a parking lot and a homeless person runs up to you screaming “Damn you! You’re the reason I have to live in a box by the river because of people like you! Driving around in your car! Having a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in!  Buying GROCERIES! I don’t have any GROCERIES! I don’t even have a REFRIGERATOR! Fuck you! Give me some money and a sandwich NOW!”

Are you going to give that person anything or are you going to be scared, get in your car, and drive away? If you’re not afraid you’re probably at least upset that somehow this homeless person thinks their situation is your fault when you’ve never even met them before.

So why be pissed off?  Because it’s easy. It’s easy to say that this is The System’s fault and demand that they fix it. It’s easy to say that we are powerless and act accordingly.

And before people that don’t know me start saying that I don’t understand: I’m 27,000 in student debt, 9,000 in medical debt, my car doesn’t run,  I haven’t had health insurance for 7 years, I have several pre existing medical conditions and take medication daily.  I get it. 

But I also know that for every country in the world that has better government funded programs than we do there are five where 80% of the population has AIDS and there are flies crawling on newborns and minimum wage isn’t even a thing. 

I realize that since so many people are in this boat together that eventually things will get better.

I understand that while having student debt isn’t ideal no one can take my education away from me.

I appreciate that even though medical debt is terrible, at least I’m alive.

And I know that anger is toxic.

“Holding onto anger is like holding onto a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha

“People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining” – Stephen Hawking

“The Opposite of Anger is Not Calmness; It Is Empathy” –Mehmet Oz

Most homeless people know this already. That’s why their signs say things like “Homeless Vet. God Bless.” 

I’m not saying I have the answers but maybe if we spent more time projecting compassion and humanity into the universe maybe people that don’t understand would be more likely to.  If they understand, they are more likely to care.  If they care, they are more likely to help. 

Even if they don’t it will be a more pleasant existence for you and me and everyone else and together maybe we can find the answers and make the change.





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