He said “You’re gross my darling” I said “No, I’m Rock & Roll”

So a while (long while)  ago I asked who wanted to see what on my blog. 
Someone said make up tutorial.  So I bring you:

The Dirty Girls Guide to Fabulosity

First of all,  unless you work with sick people or garbage, showering daily is completely unnecessary.  Stop it.

You may be thinking “but my hair will be so greasy! And my face!  Ew! ” would you like to know why your face and scalp make oil faster than a McDonald’s at lunch time? Your face and scalp know better how to take care of themselves than Garnier. You wash it off.  Your skin goes into double time making replacement oil.  If you wash less, the oil production slows.  Promise.  I wash my hair once a week or sometimes less.  When I do wash it.  I exfoliate the crap out of my scalp.  Also if you have a short cut the grease your hair makes is a way better styling product than that over priced salon stuff.  Your face skin also doesn’t appreciate being over washed. 
Which brings me to foundation this is another way in which you’re sabotaging yourself.  When you literally cover your face with goop for 12 hours a day,  even if you wash your face religiously at night,  you’re going to get pimples, then you’re going to need concealer for all those pimples.   If you must slather your whole face in something,  try sunscreen. 

OK on to the fun part. 

I start by moisturizing my face, letting that soak in a minute or three then use a translucent powder if I’m feeling too shiny.


Behold my powdered face

Then I use a cream base (I like white color tattoo by Mabeline)


Then I pick an accent color.  Usually something that matches my clothes. Today it’s purple.  Which I apply to about half of the eyelid.  The key here is to blend.  Don’t be scared of the color!  The color is your friend!


Then you get a darker color, I went with black.  Apply to the outer corner of your eyes and again blend!


I also like to pull it under the eyes a bit.  Now it’s time for eyeliner.  I use liquid. It takes a steady hand but you too can master the eyeliner.  Now everyone wants to have long eyelashes. Some people so much so that they have eyelash extensions put in… Or on?  Whatever the point is: if you wear glasses long eyelashes are super annoying, but you still want to look like your prince(ss) could climb your lashes to your 3rd floor walk up if need be.  So what do I do?  Draw those suckers on and keep a rope ladder handy.  Seriously it’s just a thinner version of the classic “cat eye”


Then you put on about 4 layers of mascara (never go onstage without at least 4 and all the world is a stage  so… Yea)


Oh and don’t forget to smile you morose Mary.  Rock and Roll is fun.


And so are parks.


Lyric by The Moldy Peaches

And picsart.


I'm ready for my close up

Here’s a closer look at the eyeliner part sans all the other stuff so you can really see what I’m talking about.

That is all.


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